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  Life is colorless and tasteless, and pale and white like water, but everyone who has dreams in mind will wave the magic life brush and draw it into a colorful picture of life.

  I admire Xu Zhimos imaginative, gently, gently walked, waved his hand, do not take a cloud, but his approach I beg to differ. Life is short, but sixty or seventy loads, like the wild goose gently walk through, do not take away a cloud, must regret life. Such a life, just a piece of white paper, no value to speak. We should make the short life a valuable color, so that our life will be gorgeous and brilliant.

  When the music giant, Beethoven, was more than 20 years old, his career had just changed. But the God of fate brought him down the disaster and made him deaf. For he loves music, it is a bolt from the blue, but Beethoven did not yield, but with a positive attitude toward life calm face, he took the fate of the throat, with passion, play the splendid music in Ivory on the piano in the white paper to write the beat note, made immortal music, shocked the whole world. Beethoven, who is stubborn and unyielding, did not give up the opportunity to coloring for life. He didnt make life worthless white paper. He became a flaming red for his life paper and made life look brilliant and brilliant.

  Beijing Paralympic Games, Shen Canzhi not disabled athletes, and did not regret in life as they strive for? They make great efforts to make up for the regrets and deficiencies in their lives. They add a little bit of value to that regret and lack of life, leaving no regrets for life. Gallop on the sports field, even to win only a bunch of flowers, a warm applause, also let life unfold different splendor. Yes, since it is life, there should be color, there should be hope!

  When the falling seeds can not find the dirt, they put their hopes in the last line of the crevice, rooting, germination there, smoking section. Spring green autumn yellow, suisui litter. Even if no crevice between what nutrition, they did not have to give up a chance to grow. Yes, since it is life, it has the right to create brilliance and miracles. You see, the wind blowing the crevice, a green and the birds and the corresponding, singing a hymn to life; you see, the rise of the crevice between a pine, is facing the sun, bathed in the mountain, recite a song of life poem.

  God gives us the chance to live. Now that we are alive, we must wave the brush of life, and put the most beautiful colors on the palette of life, and depict the most beautiful patterns. Friends, lets hold the brush and color it for life.








  If somebody tells you,  Ill love you for ever, will you believe it?

  I dont think theres any reason not to. we are ready to believe such commitment at the moment, whatever change may happen afterwards. As for the belief in an everlasting love, thats another thing.

  Then you may be asked whether there is such a thing as an everlasting love. Id answer i believe in it. But an everlasting love is not immutable.

  You may unswervingly love or be loved by a person. But love will change its composition with the passage of time. It will not remain the same. In the course of your growth and as a result of your increased experience, love will become something different to you.

  In the beginning you believed a fervent love for a person could last indefinitely. By and by, however, fervent gave way to  prosaic . Precisely because of this change it became possible for love to last. Then what was meant by an everlasting love would eventually end up in a sort of interdependence.

  We used to insist on the difference between love and liking. The former seemed much more beautiful than the latter. one day, however, it turns out theres really no need to make such difference. Liking is actually a sort of love. By the same token, the everlasting interdependence is actually an everlasting love.

  I wish i can believe there was somebody who would love me forever. Thats, as we all know, too romantic to be true. Instead, it will more often than not be a case of lasting relationship.